The Jason Foundation (JFI) is working to end the “Silent Epidemic” of youth suicide through educational programs and services. JFI provides a range of programs for parents, youth and teachers/youth workers. Our goal is to equip people with the information, tools and resources to possibly recognize an at risk youth and know how to help. Some of the The Jason Foundation programs are listed below.

The student curriculum “A Promise for Tomorrow” presents a positive look at how students can help friends who may be depressed or having suicidal thoughts. This curriculum aims to provide information and strategies needed to be a lifesaving influence. The program is designed to be used within a school’s current Health and Wellness program for grades 7-12.

It is designed in a two-lesson format for the traditional high school schedule of 50-to-60-minute classes. These can be presented as two separate lessons or back-to-back to accommodate an extended block class of 90 minutes or longer. The curriculum content is delivered digitally with facilitator-led sections to reiterate information and lead discussion.

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The Jason Foundation, Inc. offers programs for educators, law enforcement personnel, health professionals and others who work closely with young people. There are multiple training modules available which discuss the staggering statistics associated with youth suicide, identify several signs of concern of possible suicidal ideation and explore resources to help a depressed or suicidal youth. These training modules are available on DVD or online.

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This program is designed specifically for parents and communities is a self-contained presentation conducted by Clark Flatt, Founder and President of The Jason Foundation and is based on his personal experiences following the suicide death of his 16-year old son, Jason. The program consists of statistical information about youth suicide, warning signs of suicidal ideation, risk factors, what a parent can do and resources for assistance. Everything needed to present this seminar is included in the DVD package, including a facilitator guide, talking points and questions for discussion.

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B1 is designed to be quick, informative, and target the most important aspects of youth suicide prevention. Participating in the B1 Pledge is a proactive step towards taking some of the silence out of the “Silent Epidemic.” B1 will help you to recognize signs of concern and develop a plan of action to help someone who may be struggling.

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