A Youth Suicide Prevention Seminar for Parents and Communities

A Youth Suicide Prevention Seminar for Parents and Communities”, is designed specifically for parents. The seminar tackles the tough subject of youth suicide and provides strategies of awareness and prevention for parents and other adults. This seminar is a self-contained presentation, presented by Clark Flatt, President of The Jason Foundation and Jason’s Dad. This seminar contains statistical information, warning signs of suicidal ideation, elevated risk factors, what can be done, suggested resources, etc. Also included in this presentation is an exercise called Project Hug that Mr. Flatt encourages parents to try with their children. The purpose of Project Hug is to help parents build better communications and relationships with their child. Project Hug cards, which outline this exercise, are also available upon request. Since recording, some of The Jason Foundation’s affiliations have changed as well as some of the statistics presented. For updated statistics, you can click “Facts” on this site. You can also learn about our current affiliations and more about current statistics by visiting The Jason Foundation’s website at www.jasonfoundation.com.