As a Parent What Can I Do to Help Prevent the Tragedy of Youth Suicide?

You can make a difference and help us fight the “Silent Epidemic” of Youth Suicide. Below is a list of things you can do in your own community to make a difference.
  • Educate yourself about the magnitude of the problem, the signs of concern and the tools of prevention.
  • Encourage your local school system to incorporate The Jason Foundation school based curriculum into their guidance or health programs. Click here to learn more.
  • Encourage the administration of your local school to provide staff training for all school personnel. Click here to learn more.
  • Encourage your local service organizations, churches and community centers to become aware of the problem of youth suicide and its prevention opportunities.
  • Watch and listen to your children and pay attention to sudden changes in behavior that cause you concern.
  • Be willing to seek professional help and guidance if you feel your child is becoming depressed or contemplating hurting him/herself.
  • Talk openly and honestly with your child or your child’s friends about your concerns and be supportive in helping them cope with their feelings.
  • Use this Website to see if there are any local Jason Foundation offices in your area. Click here for local offices.
  • IMPORTANT: You can contact your local school’s guidance / counseling department for assistance in addressing any concern’s you have about a young person’s safety. They will be able to guide you to local resources that may be available to help also.
    • You can also contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 988 for help and assistance. If an emergency- Call 911